Long term recovery is the name given for the work of rebuilding after the disaster strikes. Often the Long Term Recovery takes many months and is generally done under the direction of interfaith long term recovery committees. UMCOR and the Rio Texas Conference support these committees both financially and with expert consultants.

Teams wishing to volunteer in the long term recovery efforts within the Rio Texas Conference should register here.  You will then be contacted by the volunteer coordinator who will answer your questions and give you additional information about the volunteer needs and opportunities. 

Long term recovery work is presently being done in four areas in the Conference. Teams are needed to assist with repairs and, in a few cases, possible complete rebuilds. These include:

Blanco River Regional Recovery Team serving the survivors of the Blanco River flood that occurred on May 30, 2015.  In addition they are assisting survivors of additional small stream flooding in the area.  They are serving parts of Blanco, Caldwell, Guadalupe and Hays Counties. 

Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team which is serving the survivors of a severe thunderstorm and two tornados that struck the county on May 31, 2015. Extensive damage was done over much of the county.  Teams are needed to assist with repairs of homes. 

Interfaith Long Term Recovery Committee in the Rio Grande Valley is seeking assistance from teams or other church groups to assist families with damage sustained a strain wind storm as well as extensive low land flooding.  The areas most impacted were in Hidalgo County. 

The Costal Bend Long Term Recovery Committee is serving survivors of low land flooding that occurred when rivers in the area were flooded as a result of storms that occurred far up stream.  Hundreds of homes were flooded, many for two or three weeks.  Volunteers are needed to refurbish these homes.