1.    PRAYER. Pray for all of these ministries noted and those involved offering the direct response of welcome, hospitality, presence. Pray for their strength, persistence, and fortitude. Pray for new persons to respond and to join in this work. Most especially, prayer for our brothers and sisters who are the sojourners seeking refuge and a hopeful future. Pray for those in places of leadership, discerning, and deciding on policies and laws to address the causes and effects of refugee displacement.  

2.    REFLECT. While this article serves to offer a quick overview to our context, there is much more information presented here through the reference links [20] [21] [22]. There is far more happening in our context than what is simply captured here. As you delve deeper, individually or collectively, perhaps reflect on the following:
•    In reading and learning further about our context for refugee, immigration, and border ministries – what stands out to you or captures your attention? 
•    What Biblical narratives come to mind as we think about our context?
•    What is challenging or surprising? 
•    As we understand more deeply our context for ministry, what is the opportunity or implications for our ministries? 
•    What are you called to do in response? 

3.    LEARN MORE. As this reality in our context becomes increasingly pronounced, there is much more to learn. Learn more through conversation with those who have been close to the responses through direct contact and ministries with refugees in our midst. Find out how you may support them as well as offering your support through presence and prayers. Find out what advocacy work is needed in this regard.   

4.    RESPOND. Personal and collective response through presence and service is needed. Contact any of the ministries mentioned to see what is needed and how you may respond. Then continue in prayer and reflection as hands-on involvement may continue and increase. 

5.    MONETARY SUPPORT. Monetary support is our best long-term and sustainable response as the United Methodist Church. While we are in continued prayer, reflection, learning, and responding through volunteer service, financial support is needed in the long haul. The Mission Vitality Center and the emerging Immigration and Border Ministries Network will work together to determined what and where are the best and most fruitful applications of your financial support. Periodical updates on this will be provided. To offer financial support, make checks payable to the Rio Texas Conference with the memo ____________.