Financial Integrity Program Currently on Hiatus

Thank you for your interest in the Financial Integrity Program. The program has been suspended until we finish a thorough evaluation. We have created a three-part plan to assist local churches.

We have identified three resources that we hope will help in your work:

 1.     Audit Guide:  The General Council on Finance and Administration Local Church Audit Guide.  This guide will help your local committee or volunteer in performing a church audit under the disciplinary requirements, should your church choose to do the work internally. 

Download the The General Council on Finance and Administration Local Church Audit Guide

2.     Accounting Guide: This guide provides sound principles and “best practices” in performing both church accounting and administration functions.

Download the Rio Texas Accounting Policy Guide

3.     In addition, we suggest your church subscribe to the current version “2018 Church and Clergy Tax Guide”. This book will provide many qualified answers to financial questions over the years. It is published annually and we hope it will assist you over time.

We regret the need to suspend the program. However, upon review, we have realized that we have not been able to perform the quality of service intended. The program was conceived to help churches and offer experience to graduate level students. We have been unable to attract those students over the last two years. Therefore, the program was falling behind and lacking the standard of quality expected.

Creating trust and confidence is our goal and the program, in its current state, does not achieve that goal. Should the program be revived it will be based on delivering a timely and excellent product.

March On,

William C. Wyman, Jr.
Conference Treasurer 2015-2017