Your Dollars at Work

Money given to a United Methodist Church not only supports the ministry of that local church, it also enables ministry around the world. The Rio Texas Annual Conference has five different categories for apportioned funds given through the local church. Click on the link below to learn about those categories and how your giving is put to work.

General and Jurisdictional | Conference & District Ministries | Ministerial Support
Administration | Pensions and Benefits


Treasurer's Office

The Administrative Services Office of the Rio Texas Conference strives to create a culture of trust and confidence in its work to serve our local churches. Through the use of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and regular audits, Administrative Services is focused on responsible stewardship of the resources of the annual conference.


Annual Conference Session

The Annual Gathering of the Rio Texas Annual Conference takes place over four days in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Administration Fund covers the cost of facilities rental, shuttle buses, audio visual and technical support. This fund also covers the cost of producing the Annual Conference Journal which is made available to all delegates in printed form and to the public electronically. Since delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference are elected by the Annual Conference, costs related to those delegations are covered under the Administration Fund.

Audits for Districts & Campus Ministries

The Rio Texas Annual Conference ensures that all districts and other organizations related to the conference operate with the same level of integrity and transparency as the conference itself. Regular audits ensure that these offices are following all proper accounting protocols.

Mount Wesley

The operations of the Mount Wesley Conference center are partially underwritten by the Administration Fund.