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Notice: Additional appointments will be listed each Wednesday at Noon.

Robert Schnase, Bishop of the Rio Texas Annual Conference has announced his intention to make the following pastoral appointments during the 2017 Rio Texas Annual Conference session:

Carl Rohlfs
Las Misiones District Superintendent
To: Retirement

Kendall Waller
Missouri UMC (Missouri Conference)
To: Executive Director of Finance and Administration, Rio Texas Annual Conference

Greg Hackett
First UMC, Corpus Christi
To: Las Misiones District Superintendent

Ryan Barnett
First UMC, Kerrville
To: First UMC, Waco (Central Texas Conference)

Bob Allen
Rio Texas Conference, Mission Vitality Center
To: Retirement

Virgilio Vázquez-Garza
Rio Texas Conference, Assistant to the Episcopal Office
To: Retirement

Lynn Barton
Westlake UMC, Austin
To: Retirement

Jay Brown
St. Mark's UMC, San Antonio
To: Retirement

Camille Bryant
First UMC - Junction
To: Retirement

Alicia Campos
Westlawn UMC - San Antonio
To: Retirement

Mike Cave
Hunt UMC
To: Retirement

Jenna Heart
Lampasas UMC
To: Retirement

Jean Ann Karm
Medical Leave
To: Retirement

Lynne Lockett
Leave of Absence
To: Retirement

Kathryn McNeely
Family Leave
To: Retirement

Monte Marshall
Travis Park UMC - San Antonio
To: Retirement

Fletcher Pool
Oak Island UMC
To: Retirement

Susan Porr
Leave of Absence
To: Retirement

Andy Reichert
Extension Ministry
To: Retirement

Bernard Preston Ritchea
Jourdanton UMC
To: Retirement

Donna Strieb
Alamo Heights UMC - San Antonio (Associate)
To: Retirement

Judith Tolbert
Leave of Absence
To: Retirement

Maurice Washington
Honorable Location
To: Honorable Location, Retired

Karen Horan
Gruene UMC
To: Rio Texas Conference, Mission Vitality Center

Laura Merrill
From: Rio Texas Conference, Mission Vitality Center
To: Rio Texas Conference, Assistant to the Episcopal Office

Alvin Loewenberg
From: Morningside Ministries
To: Retirement

Suzanne Skipper Steves
From: Honorable Location
To: Honorable Location, Retired

Patricia Lee Zaiontz-Newcomer
From: George West UMC
To: Retirement

Joseph Lewis Berkley, Sr.
First UMC, Port Isabel
To: Retired Local Pastor

Steve Purdy
From: West District Superintendent
To: Medical Leave

Andy W. Smith
From: First UMC, Seguin
To: West District Superintendent

Marcus Freeman, III
From: Rio Texas Conference, Mission Vitality Center
To: Crossroads District Superintendent

Sam Hunnicutt
From: First UMC, San Angelo
To: Retirement

Taylor Boone 
From: Travis Park UMC, San Antonio (Associate)
To: Retirement

Diana Phillips
From: Colonial Hills UMC, San Antonio
To: Rio Texas Conference, Director of Connectional Ministries

David Payne
From: First UMC Harlingen
To: First UMC, Kerrville

Cathe Evins
From: Cedar Creek UMC
To: First UMC, Seguin

Jenna Purdy
From: First UMC, La Grange (Associate)
To: First UMC, Port Isabel

Tracey Beadle
From: Manchaca UMC (Associate)
To: Westlake UMC

Scott Bradford
From: Dripping Springs UMC
To: First UMC, San Angelo

Madeline Carrasco-Henners
From: First UMC Luling
To: First UMC, La Grange (Associate)

Eric Vogt
From: Servant Church, Austin
To: Travis Park UMC, San Antonio

Valerie Vogt
From: Servant Church, Austin (Associate, part-time)
To: Travis Park UMC (Associate, part-time)

Hilary Marchbanks
From: Saint John’s UMC, Austin (Associate, part-time)
To: Saint John’s UMC, Austin (Associate, full-time)

Adam Thornton
From: Dripping Springs UMC (Associate)
To: Dripping Springs UMC (Senior Pastor)

Kallie Green
From: Unappointed
To: First UMC, Cuero/Rabke UMC

Wesley Craig
From: First UMC, Goliad
To: Cedar Creek UMC

Pamela Dykehouse
From: First UMC, Portland
To: First UMC, Corpus Christi

Dan Harrington
Northern Hills UMC, San Antonio (Associate)
To: Gruene UMC

Paul Harris
From: First UMC, Laredo
To: Hunt UMC

Maria Soto
From: El Buen Samaritano, Harlingen
To: St. Mark's UMC, San Antonio

Liliana Padilla
From: San Pablo UMC, Pearsall
To: Westlawn UMC, San Antonio

Miguel Padilla
From: Unappointed
To: St. Paul's, San Antonio (Associate)

Polly Morrison Angle
From: Unappointed
To: Colonial Hills, San Antonio

Bill Knobles
From: First UMC, Seguin (Associate)
To: First UMC, Luling

JJ Wicke
From: First UMC, Weslaco
To: First UMC, Harlingen

Sheree Harris
From: First UMC, San Angelo (Associate)
To: First UMC, Junction/ London UMC

Larry McRorey
From: Bandera UMC
To: First UMC, Portland

Barry Fulton
From: Tarrytown UMC, Austin
To: Retirement

Ross Benjamin Amick  
From: Extension Ministry
To: Retirement

Margot Perez Greene        
First UMC, El Campo    
To: First UMC, Smithville

Abraham Ramirez   
From: First UMC / Principe de Paz, Donna
To:  La Trinidad UMC, Seguin

Elizabeth Wright      
First UMC, Edinburg     
To:  First UMC, Weslaco

Paul Allan
 St. Luke’s, Corpus Christi         
To: Lampasas UMC

Kelly Shoenfelt
 Bethany UMC, Austin (Associate, part-time)       
To: Servant Church, Austin

Bryan Rogers   
 First UMC, Odem
To: First UMC, San Angelo (Associate)

Javier Leyva      
From: La Trinidad/Casa Hermosa, Seguin           
To: Retirement

Baldemar Barrera    
From: Crystal City UMC
To: Retirement

Karen Boehk    
From: First UMC, Smithville    
To: Assistant to the District Superintendent for the Coastal Bend and El Valle Districts (part-time)

Kyle Toomire         
From: The Journey UMC, Buda         
To: Bandera UMC
Jennifer Kelley
From: Unappointed
To: Dilley UMC
Russell Bowlin      
From: First UMC, Victoria (Associate)        
To: First UMC, San Marcos (Associate)
David Rivera          
From: Resurrection UMC, San Antonio     
To: Somerset UMC

Melissa Lind
From: Unappointed
To: First UMC Seguin  (Associate)

Michelle Vernone
From: Bethany UMC, San Antonio
To: First UMC, Edinburg

Gricelda Careaga
From: Los Wesleyanos UMC, San Juan  
To: El Buen Samaritano UMC, Harlingen

Aaron Carter
From: St. Paul's UMC, San Antonio (Associate)
To: Gruene UMC (Associate)

Nancy Foley
From: Johnson's Chapel, Shiner / Richardson
To: St. Paul's UMC, Corpus Christi

Pam Everhart
From: Rocky Mountain Conference
To: Oak Island UMC, San Antonio

Todd Salmi
From: First UMC, San Marcos (Associate)
To: San Marcos United Campus Ministry

Eileen Pirkle
From: Haynie Chapel, Del Valle
To: Jourdanton UMC

Rosemary Grattan
From: First UMC, Sinton  
To: Manchaca UMC (Associate)

Ryan Jenson
From: United Campus Ministry
To: First UMC, Victoria (Associate)

Richard Young
From: Wimberley UMC
To: First UMC, El Campo

Wes Cain
From: First UMC, Boerne (Associate)
To: Wimberley UMC

Kim Ethridge
From: St. Mark UMC, Austin
To: Haynie Chapel, Del Valle / Decker UMC, Austin

Missy Jenson
From: Tarrytown UMC, Austin (Associate)
To: First UMC, Goliad

Janet Weatherston
From: Asbury  - Alamo Heights UMC, San Antonio (Associate, part-time) 
To: Resurrection UMC, San Antonio (part-time)

John Cochran
From: Skidmore UMC (part-time) 
To: George West UMC

Cliff Krcha
From: Taft UMC (part-time) 
To: First UMC, Odem

Cesar Duran
From: General Board of Global Ministries/Rocky Mountain Conference
To: First UMC, Laredo

Charles Stephens
Wesley Trinity UMC, San Angelo
To: Bethany UMC, San Antonio (part-time)

Brad DeHaven
From: Retired
To: St. Luke's UMC, Corpus Christi

Calvin Jones
From: Burnet UMC (Associate)
To: Granite Shoals Grace UMC

Claus Rohlfs (Retired)
From: Unappointed
To: Marble Falls UMC (Associate, part-time)

JD Herrera
From: First UMC, Smithville (Associate) 
To: St. Mark UMC, Austin

Carl Westbrook (Retired)
From: Unappointed
To: John Wesley UMC, Victoria (part-time)

Pamela Sheffield
Oak Hill UMC, Austin (Associate)
To: Lake Travis UMC, Austin (Associate)

Maribel Vázquez
 New Mexico Conference
To: Príncipe de Paz UMC, Donna / Los Wesleyanos UMC, San Juan

Charles Purnell (Retired)
To: Sanford Chapel, San Antonio (part-time)

Kristie Crisp
 First UMC, Hebbronville (part-time)
To: Pettus/Pawnee (part-time)

Rev. Rodolfo Barrera (Retired)
From: Unappointed
To: El Divino Salvador UMC, San Antonio

Beth Tatum
From: Mathis UMC
To: Sinton UMC

Michael Dobbs (Retired)
From: Unappointed
To: Mathis UMC (part-time)

Troy Bell, Sr. (Retired)
From: Unappointed
To: Jackson Chapel UMC, San Marcos (part-time)

Robert Marks
From: St. Paul UMC, Corpus Christi
To: Wesley Trinity UMC, San Angelo

Daisy San Juan
From: Unappointed
To: San Pablo UMC, Pearsall (Supply)

*Retirees must be approved by Executive Session of all elders and deacons in full connection to the conference at Annual Conference in June.



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